After you complete registration, select a case to begin. As you advance through the case, you will be given information about the patient and asked questions relating to the patient's care. After submitting your response, you will be able to review the answer as well as additional information relating to the topic.

Once you finish the case, you will have the opportunity to take a final exam. To receive Continuing Education credit, you must take the exam and complete a short evaluation. Please see the Continuing Education Credit page for more information on the credits offered.

In order to generate a certificate of of continuing education credits after completed an online course, please access the Classes link when logged in and click on the Certificate button.

You may complete each case at your own pace. You can stop working in the middle of a case and log on later to continue where you left off. After completing one case, you can log on at any time to complete additional cases.

Should you wish to access a completed online course in the future in order to review the study materials, please access the Classes link when logged in and click on the View button.

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